The Orangery

In London’s beautiful Belgravia, a stately Georgian Villa, built in the 1830s, hosts a veritable kitchen of dreams with scale, elegance and clever design, born from the collaboration between Officine Gullo and the Interior Architect Alison Henry.

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“I discovered Officine Gullo and it was clear from our very first meeting that its ‘bespoke’ service was genuinely, and unusually, just that: complete customisation designed for me, with me and with an artisanal perfection that is simply second to none” says the interior architect. The more Alison engaged with the company, the more she realised this was just the tip of the iceberg. “They could produce their trademark stainless steel cabinetry at any size and to any specification, in any colour, and with any trim. They could place concealed drawers and shelves virtually anywhere – even the extractor hood, as is this project they could bring a first class restaurant-grade kitchen into the modern day home”.

All the cooking elements are capable of professional performance, yet are manufactured according to the principles of household ergonomics for everyday home use with the utmost convenience. Due to their design, non-professional cooks can use all of the available functions. In detail, the project consists of an important cooking machine equipped with 4 high-performance burners, a smooth fry-top, a coup-de-feu and a pasta cooker located at the centre of the wall unit. The cooking appliance completes, in the lower part, with a professional oven and storage compartments.
On the sides of the cooking machine there are two columns, one dedicated to the refrigerator and one that hides a breakfast area. The island, located in the centre of the kitchen, is designed to have a washing area with a double tap equipped sink and dishwasher inserted in the lower part. On the other side, the snack bar area that houses the comfortable stools. To create a stylistic continuity, both the backsplash and the top of the island are made of Calacatta Caldia marble.

Next to this magnificent kitchen area, the garden of the house, a space with the feel of a living room within the home, hosts an Officine Gullo barbecue. The BBQ set up in keeping with the kitchen’s design and is characterized by the same finishes and colour.
Since this first partnership, Officine Gullo and Alison Henry Design have continued to work together, with Alison becoming a Brand Ambassador in the UK, working with the brand on its new London showroom and its current and upcoming kitchen lines.

About Alison Henry

Alison Henry is an interior architect and furniture designer known for interiors that cater to the needs of the modern family while invoking a sense of grandeur and timelessness. Born in New Zealand, Alison spent much of her childhood in Asia and has since spent a lot of her lifetime travelling and working on projects in Europe, Asia, New Zealand and the US. Alison has since settled her practice in her design and consultancy studio in Belgravia, London. Here, she focuses on residential clients both in the UK and Internationally. Whether it’s a short consultancy for developments and hospitality on how to optimise the perfect space or a full period home refurbishment that begins with knocking down walls and ends in bespoke furnishings, Alison’s years of experience make the process simple and streamlined.