The Roman Cave

In a fully renovated palazzo in the centre of Prossedi, a fortified village in the Italian province of Latina, the latest tailor-made project was installed by Officine Gullo, made to measure to fulfil the wishes and needs of the customer.

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All the kitchen elements, manufactured in jet black powder-coated high-thickness steel and elevated with polished chrome finishes, were designed to fit perfectly within the stone walls. The uber-contemporary elements of chrome plating and steel stand out among the natural ancient stone walls and vaults, creating a unique ambience resulting from the pursuit of a harmonious balance between artisanship, tradition and new technologies. The walls contain recesses that reveal key areas and moments in the kitchen – cooking, appliances, washing and preparation – and frame the environment without invading it, leaving ample space to the table dedicated to conviviality.

The first recess contains a striking OG professional cooking zone, whose upper part consists in a washbasin with a polished chrome tap, a worktop with four professional burners, an electric pasta cooker and a smooth chrome frytop. The lower section contains a hatch with an integrated food warming drawer, a static electric oven and two storage areas for kitchen utensils. An elegant luminous panel stands out above the cooking range, with steel tiles engraved with stylish motifs. Lastly, a professional arched extraction hood, made to measure and skillfully installed in the recess, completes the cooking zone.

The second recess holds an impressive three-meter wall of appliances consisting of two container columns and two wine chillers arranged symmetrically on either side of a professional refrigerator. The chrome details and reflections of the cabinet windows, combined with the jet black metal, create an exclusive and elegant decor. The washing zone completes the kitchen space. A steel washbasin, double polished chrome tap and dishwasher are situated in this refined corner. Above, we find fine tiles decorated in steel and a large window that lets in natural light, which both creates balance and emphasizes the contrast between the materials that distinguish the space.

In this tailor-made project, the beautiful stone vaults have been transformed into the perfect setting for a unique kitchen, designed as a family space and as the hub of the home. Like in all Officine Gullo creations, the ability to create cozy living spaces according to the customer’s wishes is foremost in the planning, alongside elegant design, attention to detail and the choice of the finest materials.