About Officine Gullo – Company & Heritage

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An internationally minded company that remains true to its family-run essence

Officine Gullo aspires to the pinnacle of Italian excellence thanks to the enlightened vision and drive of founder, Carmelo Gullo, now flanked at the company’s helm by his three sons, Pietro, Andrea and Matteo. The story of Officine Gullo is based on a sublime cohesion of tradition and innovation. Every Officine Gullo artefact is a product of the family’s creativity, nonstop mechanical engineering research and passion for the finest handicraft techniques. This expertise ensures that every stage in the production process unfurls with the utmost care and attention, so that each creation meets the high standards of excellence that the family has placed at the centre of its business.

A people-first company

Over the years, the company has expanded by involving professionals who have been entrusted with various areas of expertise. Our staff have chosen to dedicate their careers to crafting products of national pride, pledging the professionalism, focus and devotion required to create iconic artefacts.
Officine Gullo is committed to a continuous pursuit of quality, placing this mission at the heart of the business and changing the product range as kitchen lovers change their lifestyles.

Art and artisanship, a sublime balance between tradition and innovation

Officine Gullo was founded in Florence, Italy, where Carmelo Gullo honed bespoke kitchens and accessories inherited from the finest nineteenth-century Florentine cooking traditions, in partnership with local mechanical workshops and bronze artisans, shaping noble metals such as high-thickness steel, burnished copper, cast iron and brass. Officine Gullo kitchens have always shone with their handcrafted, prestigious metal finishes.
Kitchens manufactured entirely from metal and made to measure for stately villas have been a highlight of the Florentine artisan tradition for centuries. During the 1900s, as the steel industry gained pace, countless artistic foundries around Florence developed expertise in crafting fine metal kitchens, which became a object of desire for all of Europe’s upper middle classes.
This tradition was on the verge of being lost forever when Carmelo Gullo returned the custom to life by carefully saving the appearance, materials and techniques before flanking the past with modern technology used to cook and store food in professional kitchens.

Florence as inspiration: none of this would have been possible without florence

“The beauty of the city, in which we have the good fortune to live and work, amalgamates the two cores of our production: tradition and technology. The wonders of this astonishing place inspire us every day; they guide our imagination every time we devote ourselves to a project. I’m thinking about the perfect geometry concealed on the frontages of Florence’s palazzos, in the frescoes and sculptures which we have as a guideline while we forge the metal for our creations.”

Carmelo Gullo

“Progetto Memoria”: artisans, the pride of italian creativity

Officine Gullo kitchens are creations handcrafted in a highly technological production cycle. Expert hands shape materials, bestowing them with a unique soul through the light and shade of chiselling and burnishing. The human eye succeeds where machinery is unable to do so, distinguishing between perfection and mediocrity.
The dexterity of the company’s master artisans plays an essential role in the crafting of the kitchens. For this reason, Officine Gullo has instituted “Progetto Memoria”, a programme aimed at valuing the human factor in production and to preserve the exclusive knowledge associated with the centuries-old legacy of craftspeople.
On entering the company, all Officine Gullo artisans embark on a training course aimed at preserving centuries-old metalworking and Florentine decorative art techniques. The teaching, like in the workshops of old, takes place daily under the tutelage of master craftspeople.
This programme was made possible thanks to the guidance of individuals who still cherish the artisanal traditions and techniques that belonged to their forefathers. These master craftspeople long to support and promote the knowledge and value of traditions. Some of these stories of lifestyle, mastery and passion have been gathered and will be used to enrich the knowledge archive that Officine Gullo has pledged to preserve.